Succeed at Selling Roofing Online - Get the Guide

google-1595305445382Has the thought ever crossed your mind, "I can’t sell roofing online"? If so, we get it! You love going to see a homeowner face-to-face, to see their home in person, to get measurements, and take pictures with your own camera phone or tablet.

But the truth is, 96% of homeowners don’t really want you in their home anyway (and that was before COVID-19 entered the picture). So how do you keep selling when the landscape for selling home improvement services has changed?

Hopefully, you’re open to the idea of being a virtual selling contractor. You know your competitors are getting into the virtual sales game. You know this is the future of home improvement sales and you don’t want to give up market share.

Roofers and home improvement contractors who transition to a virtual sales process have found it boosts their customer engagement, increases their closing rate, and saves time while making them more money.

Interested in learning more? This guide covers the steps and tools you need to successfully sell your next roofing project online.

You'll learn:

 Why you shouldn’t wait to get into the virtual selling game
 Easy steps to build your virtual sales process
 How to nail your sales presentation 
✅ An effective rehash strategy to connect with homeowners who aren’t an immediate “yes”
✅ How to easily close the deal

Get your free guide today and start succeeding at selling a roof online!