What Are Homeowners REALLY Thinking?

One Click Contractor prides itself for being on the cutting edge of technology innovation in the home improvement industry. Time-consuming manual measurements and three-part carbonless forms are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Home improvement contractors need to step up and embrace the digital age. From remote measurements to fast estimates, contractors are ready to quote and do jobs faster and more efficiently; from fully customized agreements to virtual selling and training, they will end up netting more jobs with more money in their pockets.

Ever wonder why you might feel that your business isn’t firing on all cylinders? We’ve compiled the inside scoop into what really goes through a homeowner’s head before he/she decides to hire a contractor, and the top 3 tips to help you build trust and close more jobs with homeowners.

Tip #1: I Want You to be the Expert

Homeowners usually call you because something is wrong with their home. Whether it’s hail damage, a roof replacement, old and damaged siding, or their picture window is leaking and causing the utility bill to skyrocket, a homeowner’s anxiety can quickly soar. What will set them at ease is to have an expert like you in their home. You will become their “go-to person,” helping them make expensive and critical decisions. 

A lot of homeowners feel uninformed about many areas in home improvement. They want you to share your expertise with them and present recommendations BEFORE they make a big decision.

Own your expertise! It’s your secret weapon when gaining the homeowner’s trust and ultimately the job.

Tip #2: Respect My Time 

Many homeowners nowadays have very busy schedules, with parents juggling work, school, activities, and more. Contractors need to find new ways of connecting with homeowners. Scheduling a 2-4 hour window to show up and take measurements won’t cut it anymore.

Use the advances in technology to shorten your sales process and spend quality time with the homeowner. Then, use your expertise to help them select the perfect product they need for their home.

Tip #3: Bring My Vision to Life

What homeowners really want is to feel that you are bringing their vision to life. After all, this is their home where they raise their children and spend most of their time every day. Don’t they deserve more than a generic three-part carbonless form with your chicken scratch on it? YES! 

Since they are likely spending thousands of dollars, they want to feel that their job, design preferences, and their home are special. Shouldn’t the entire sales process including the agreement be tailored to them as well? YES! 

The ability to consult the homeowner, easily edit the estimate and then turn it into a personalized agreement tailored to that specific homeowner’s job is what will get you the “YES” from that homeowner. 

Download What are Homeowners REALLY Thinking to discover more about applying these 3 techniques to develop relationships with your customers and grow your business.