Product Update: Premium two-way screen share and video conferencing

One Click Contractor is excited to announce a new platform feature that will take your virtual sales presentations to the next level - Premium two-way screen share and video conferencing

OCC Screen Share

Premium two-way Screen Share and Video Conferencing capabilities open up a whole new realm for the virtual sales process. This new virtual feature allows the contractor and homeowner to safely experience a one-on-one discussion anytime and in a safe environment.  Get ready to dramatically increase your customer engagement and participation during each presentation. 

One Click Contractor’s Two-Way Video Conferencing is a Complete Solution 

We include two-way video, audio, and screen share capabilities all in the same application. No need to purchase a third-party solution like Zoom or GoToMeeting, or an app to  invite homeowners to virtual meetings.

Seamlessly Integrated - Premium Two-Way Video Conferencing is built right into the One Click Contractor platform and is extremely easy to use. Virtual meetings are available at the click of a button. There is no need for you or your customer to download additional plug-ins or applications, have another browser tab open, or purchase anything fancy just to have a virtual meeting. Having your screen share, video conferencing and audio capabilities all inside one platform makes sending an invite and presenting to the homeowner a breeze.

Ridiculously Easy to Use - The addition of Premium Two-Way Screen Share and Video Conferencing to the One Click Contractor platform does not require time consuming setup or confusing technical directions. 

Here’s how easy it is to launch a virtual meeting:

  1. -- Click “Invite.”
  2. -- Send the homeowner an invitation via text or email.
  3. -- Once they enter the meeting, hit “Screen Share.”

    Premium two-way Screen Share and Video Conferencing simply gives your customer a chance to share their video or screen with you. With both options, you choose what you want the other person to see. No need to fumble between tabs and/or applications in the middle of your presentation. Everything is built-in. You look like the professional you are, knowing that your customer is having a safe and hassle-free sales experience.Video Conferencing Solution

Dependable - Unlike most other video conferencing platforms on the market, One Click Contractor has a unique fallback functionality. (Yes, we do have a back-up to our back-up). Our contractors can use our integrated screen share in the event that the homeowner is unable to access one of the other meeting technologies. This is something no other screen share tool has; when other platforms are down, they are down. With One Click Contractor, you can present to the customer and keep all of your virtual presentations flowing without interruption. 

Secure - With One Click Contractor, you don't need to worry about hackers and random people Zoom-bombing or attempting to join your meetings. Only you and the guests you choose can enter a meeting inside your One Click platform - no surprises or unwanted guests. 

Tips for when a homeowner should turn on their camera or share their screen
  • -- Share Design Inspiration With You: The homeowner can pull up their Pinterest board and share their screen with you to show you a specific pin or image that they really like.
  • -- Color Matching: When trying to match paint or trim color, have the homeowner share their camera to show you a wall or trim color. 
  • -- Showing Damage In Need of Repair: For those contractors who do a 100% virtual sales process, the best way to understand damage to siding or seeing that gap under a window is for the homeowner to turn on their camera and show you. This will help you scope out problems ahead of time rather than encountering them on the job.
  • -- Make virtual presentations feel like in-person presentations: If your homeowner is comfortable, ask them to turn on their camera so you can talk face-to-face. Please remember that some people are not comfortable with a video connection, so engage in some friendly conversation first. Then, the best way to get the homeowner to turn on their camera is to turn yours on first.
Try Premium Two-Way Screen Share and Video Conferencing 

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